Social and Emotional Development
•  Our children learn about sharing with and caring about others as they progress in their social development at Faith Lutheran Preschool.  While their individuality and creativity is encouraged, also their kind hearts and loving spirit are developed throughout the day with adult guidance and modeling of the Christian spirit.


Academic Development
•  Play is a particularly important mode of learning.  Our play centers offer many experiential opportunities to learn to express our ideas.
•  We use Handwriting Without Tears as our curriculum to teach letters and handwriting.  This sets your child up for success whether you choose to continue their schooling here at Faith Lutheran School or in the USD 260, as this is the same curriculum they use.
•  We offer valuable experiences in Math and Science with a hands-on approach to learning through investigation.
•  Our 3 year old children learn about social interaction with other children. They also learn about colors, shapes, and counting as they listen to many stories, poems, songs and rhymes to further their understanding and enjoyment of literacy.
•  Our 4 and early 5 year old children learn the sounds of each letter, identify letters and numbers, and learn to understand the concept of number values and phonemic awareness with the beginning of sight words.  By the end of the year, children should be at the beginning of sentence formation.